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Tangerine Group gives staff “energy crisis bonus”

From April, The Tangerine Group will give an “energy crisis bonus” for all of it’s staff earning under £35 thousand

The Tangerine Group, which owns VetPlus, has pledged to give a weekly energy subsidy of up to £40 to their hardest hit employees. From April, employees earning under £25,000 will receive £40 a week, and those earning between £25,000 and £34,995, £25 a week.

The move comes as a direct response to rising costs globally and, in particular, gas and electricity bills compounded by the war in the Ukraine. Energy bills have risen by £693 this year, with the average household bill increasing from £1,277 to £1,971 per year.

The payment will cover 89 employees, more than half of Tangerine Group employees at the Lytham-based headquarters, where businesses, including VetPlus, operate from.

Tangerine Group founder David Haythornwaite said: “When we saw the news about the rise in energy prices, we felt it was important that we took action to directly help those employees who would be hardest hit.

“There has been a lot in the media about the need for the Government to do something and for those employed in the public sector, I would agree. However, in the private sector where we operate, I feel very strongly that this is down to individual employers, such as ourselves to step up to the plate and play our part. As John F Kennedy famously said ‘ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’”

“We are proud of our team at Tangerine — they’re like family and have been hard-working and loyal throughout the pandemic, so we believe it’s only right for the business to support them.”

In a recent letter to employees, David emphasised the success by praising their commitment. He said: “We have continued to operate throughout COVID-19 without losing a single day, in itself, a remarkable achievement. While others have used COVID-19 as an excuse for not going to work, our teams have stood up and got stuck in.”

In its 25-year history, the family-owned business, the Tangerine Group, has increased turnover and profit year on year and has a global presence with exclusive partners or subsidiaries in 42 countries. However, it has still remained loyal to the area and still manufactures all its products in purpose-built facilities in Lytham.

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