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Audevard introduces new Equioxx format

Audevard announces that their new generation equine NSAID Equioxx is now available with a 10-tablet blister pack

Audevard Laboratories recently launched Equioxx, the first firocoxib NSAID in tablet form for horses. Equioxx has provided veterinarians and horse owners with a convenient format for painless prescription compliance. Now, Audevard Laboratories are developing their product by launching a new and even more convenient format which improves the ease of use for the vet: the 10-tablet blister pack.

Equioxx is now available in two formats: the 60-tablet bottle and the 10-tablet blister pack providing flexible and adaptable prescribing.

The Equioxx firocoxib tablet is a new generation equine NSAID. The main advantage of Equioxx is that it is one tablet per day; a real change in the management of pain in horses.

With this new product, Audevard Laboratories provides a painless new development in equine medicine that promotes compliance. The tablet format allows the owner to administer directly to the horse with a treat in the palm of the hand. There’s no need to mix with feed, minimising the risk of product loss or residual product being left behind.

In addition, the characteristics of Equioxx firocoxib mean one tablet per 450-600kg is required per day. This once daily administration of a single tablet secures the compliance without increasing the price for the owner.

Equioxx Firocoxib: Triple advantage of a latest generation molecule

Firocoxib, the molecule contained in Equioxx, is the latest generation non-steroidal anti-inflammatory equine medicine with three characteristics: equal efficiency phenylbutazone, with an efficacy period of 24 hours and a high cyclooxygenase 2 selectivity, preserving the physiological actions of COX-1.

What is Equioxx’s efficiency and efficacy?

In clinical studies carried out in horses, the efficacy on pain and the improvement of lameness is equal to phenylbutazone.

Equioxx Firocoxib is characterised by a long plasmatic life meaning the plasmatic concentration enabling 80 percent efficacy (EC80) is sustained for 24 hours after the last dose. For reference, firocoxib has an EC80 of 24h, meloxicam has an EC80 of 9h and phenylbutazone has an EC80 of less than 8h.

COX-2 selectivity

Equioxx Firocoxib is the only COX-2 selective equine NSAID. It has a COX-1/COX-2 selectivity index of 265. The action is concentrated on the COX-2 enzymes, mainly responsible for inflammation, with minimal action against COX-1 activity, which plays a role in gastrointestinal and renal physiology. For reference, meloxicam is a COX-2 preferential NSAID and has a selectivity index of 3. Phenylbutazone and flunixin are COX-1 preferential NSAIDs with a selectivity index of 0.3.

Ease of use, clinical efficacy, long duration of action and concentrated action on COX-2 are the strengths of Equioxx by Audevard. Pain relief made even more painless with the new 10-tablet blister pack format. The 60-tablet bottle format is also available.

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