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Managing your training and development in practice

Pressures on practice have become increasingly apparent and real in the past year, and some industries have reported 70 graduates chasing every job.

The veterinary business is certainly not escaping a significant amount of these pressures, which are brought into focus by clients questioning professional advice and bills, amongst other things, including a challenge to the footfall through practices.

Vet Learning has arranged three roadshows this autumn that are designed to help tackle some of these issues.

The roadshow for young graduates is designed to help both graduates and their employers to proactively work together to kickstart young careers. The pressures on graduates and their employers have increased with the need to achieve higher levels of performance, which adds to the challenge in the first three to 12 months.

Effective early and continuing support is critically important to build those clinical and non clinical skills which enable the graduates to develop their confidence and competence in their ability to do the job and become effective and happy members of the team.

Graduates often say that they might have thought they were reasonably well equipped to deal with the pressures in their first job, but the realities are frequently more challenging than they expected. This roadshow is designed to help provide support in this area, and to encourage everyone involved.

The roadshow on clinical audit is designed to provide assistance to practices working on practical ways of improving clinical outcomes by carrying out clinical audits which help to both ensure that protocols are implemented and further developed to ensure the best possible delivery of best practice for as many patients as possible.

The issues are really important to the patient, client, team, and the business. Clinical audit is a recognised part of the RCVS Veterinary Hospital (Tier 3) standard, and is under review for other tiers. This will be valuable for veterinary practitioners and nurses.

The roadshow on interactions in the consulting room is designed to provide practical learning and takehome points for the clinical team of vets providing a framework for the development of the skills found to be necessary in the delivery of best clinical practice and financial performance.

This has been an area of great importance for many years, but increasingly so today, and now we have some practical expertise and tools with which to learn and apply these skills for the benefit of our patients, clients and businesses.

The times we live in require innovation and positive activity in all of these areas of practice. E-mail and telephone support from experienced practitioners for 30 days after these roadshows is a valuable benefit to help delegates make the most of their learning and put it into practice. For further information, see the advertisement in this issue or e-mail

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