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Coccidiosis in calves and lambs: new website provides information

Professor Mike Taylor recently reported on key findings from an expert workshop on bovine coccidiosis held at the First European Buiatrics Conference and facilitated by Janssen Animal Health.

The workshop identified potential problems in diagnosis and highlighted new approaches to treatment. Now a new website is being launched by Janssen that provides a wealth of information on the topic of coccidiosis in calves and lambs:

The site builds on the findings of the expert forum and looks at all of the areas that the experts focused on as being especially problematic including immunity, sources of infection, risk factors, prevention and treatment.

The end result provides a substantial on-line resource for veterinary professionals, SQPs and farmers.

Arriving at a diagnosis of coccidiosis is not always straightforward, says the firm. It must be supported by history and clinical signs, as well as evidence of pathogenic species of the Eimeria parasite.

Explanations on sampling

Interpretation of oocyte counts can be particularly difficult and results have to be viewed in the context of the farm situation.

The site contains explanations about the timing of sampling and how that can impact upon the results.

Treatment has traditionally relied on fluid therapy and the use of sulphonamide drugs but recommendations on the use of more recently introduced treatments such as diclazuril focus on single-dose treatments administered 14 days after a stress factor – such as moving to a higher risk environment, weaning or transportation.

The various treatment strategies, including prophylactic and metaphylactic approaches, are described and this is likely to be of particular interest to those who have experienced problems with coccidiosis in the past and want to avoid recurrence on an individual farm.

Janssen adds that for those looking to update their knowledge, seeking a tool that explains the disease in greater depth or just searching for specific information that helps in their own individual situation or with interpretation of a difficult case,… promises to be a valuable resource.

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