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YuMOVE launches into dental care

YuMOVE is making a move into dental care with a new range of innovative supplements including their new dental care sticks which contain a unique ActivBarrier soft centre

YuMOVE, the UK’s number one clinically proven vet joint supplement brand, moves into dental care with a new range of innovative supplements – YuMOVE dental care sticks – a uniquely effective, scientifically tested, new generation of daily dog dental care which will help support overall oral health in dogs of all ages.

Developed by veterinary scientists, YuMOVE’s multi action dental sticks deliver fast-acting and noticeable effects to a dog’s oral health in three ways: cleaning teeth, freshening breath, and helping to reduce the formation of new plaque and tartar. 

The unique ActivBarrier soft centre, which is a first in the market, is designed to create a barrier along the teeth and gums, helping to tackle the root cause of bad breath and plaque, the balance of bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

The flexible spiral shape of YuMove’s new dental stick is designed to clean teeth, maximising contact with the tooth surface. As the dog chews, the ActivBarrier soft centre is then released, targeting the bacteria that cause bad breath while supporting the naturally good bacteria. A cleaner mouth means fresher breath.

These tasty chews are made with natural ingredients, are gentle on dogs’ tummies and easy to incorporate into existing routines. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large depending on the size of the dog the sticks come in a treat-size format, providing essential dental care for dogs in a format they will love.

Andrew Smith, global marketing director at YuMOVE, said: “Our mission is to keep pets active for life and as a leader in scientifically proven natural pet supplements for joint health, it’s a natural extension for us to tackle dental care with YuMOVE dental care sticks.

“Keeping dogs’ teeth clean and healthy is a difficult task for owners, and for dogs, poor dental health is not always noticeable, but can have a significant impact.

“Regular use of dental products can help support a dog’s dental health and while there’s many on the market, only YuMOVE dental care sticks contains our unique ActivBarrier, which targets the bad bacteria in your dog’s mouth whilst allowing the naturally good bacteria to thrive.”

Jayne Laycock, vet in residence YuMOVE: “Poor dental health affects around 80 percent of the dog population and is the most commonly reported problem in primary care vet practices. We know that less than 50 percent of dog owners use a dental product as regularly as they should.

“YuMOVE dental care sticks can be easily incorporated into a dog’s existing routine and have been developed to clean teeth, tackle bad breath and through our ActivBarrier technology, support the balance of bacteria in a dog’s mouth – helping to maintain healthy gums and teeth.”

YuMOVE dental care sticks start at £10 and can be purchased from their website.

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