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Vimian Group acquires Vet-Allergy

Vimian Group has acquired Vet-Allergy, strengthening its position as a leading provider of veterinary allergy diagnostics

Vimian Group has acquired Vet-Allergy, a veterinary allergy company in Denmark, to strengthen its position as a leading provider of veterinary allergy diagnostics and treatment in Scandinavia. Vet-Allergy has revenues of around EUR 1.3 million on an annual basis.

Vimian Group’s Specialty Pharma segment Nextmune has acquired Vet-Allergy. Founded in 2007 by Dr Kristian Pedersen, Vet-Allergy offers allergy diagnostics and treatment for companion animals to veterinary clinics across Denmark. Today, the company is the leading provider of veterinary allergy solutions in Denmark with a full-service offering. The business enjoys deep customer relationships in Denmark serving over 300 veterinary clinics.

“Vet-Allergy is the only veterinary laboratory in Denmark that performs allergy testing and treatment of scale, and the acquisition offers an attractive opportunity for Nextmune to strengthen our position as a leading provider of allergy solutions for companion animals in Scandinavia,” says Magnus Kjellberg, CEO of Vimian’s Specialty Pharma segment Nextmune. “We can leverage Vet-Allergy’s strong relationships with veterinary clinics to accelerate sales of our allergy offering as well as our entire dermatology and specialty nutrition portfolio.”

”I am delighted to have found a sustainable home for my business in Nextmune. Their commitment to science and innovation represents an attractive fundamental for taking Vet-Allergy to the next level”, says Dr Kristian Pedersen.

Vet Allergy was consolidated into Vimian’s Specialty Pharma segment on 31 January, 2022.

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