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TVM launches Stromease

TVM has launched Stromease, a ready-to-use anti-collagenase eye drop for the supportive treatment of corneal ulcers in dogs and cats

This month (May 2022) sees the launch of TVM’s new ophthalmology product Stromease, a ready-to-use, anti-collagenase eye drop, indicated for the supportive treatment of corneal ulcers in dogs and cats.

Corneal ulcers are a common occurrence and have a number of causes such as trauma, foreign bodies or underlying ocular pathology such as tear film insufficiency. Keratomalacia, or corneal melting, may develop as a complication of an existing corneal ulcer due to the uncontrolled action of proteolytic enzymes. This can lead to corneal perforation and permanent loss of vision.

Management of keratomalacia requires prompt and aggressive medical treatment to arrest corneal destruction. Anti-collagenases, anti-microbials and analgesia are the mainstay of medical therapy, with surgical intervention also indicated for cases requiring tectonic support. In addition, certain patients (such as brachycephalic breeds) are more at risk of keratomalacia occurring, therefore anti-collagenases should be considered pre-emptively as part of the treatment plan.

Stromease, the first and only licensed product of its type, contains the active ingredient N-acetylcysteine. As it does not require any prior preparation or special storage, it is convenient for prescriber, pet owner and patient.

Presented in an easy-to-use 5ml bottle, Stromease has a three-year unopened shelf-life. The licensed dose is two drops into the affected eye(s) three to four times daily.

Will Peel, TVM’s product manager says: “Traditionally vets have had to rely on ‘home-made’ anti-collagenase preparations which can be time consuming to prepare, difficult to store correctly and inconvenient to use. Stromease is a licensed, anti-collagenase treatment option for corneal ulcers dogs and cats, presented in a user-friendly format.’

Stromease is a new addition to TVM’s Corneal Focus Range of products.

For more information on Stromease, or any products and services within the range, please visit this page on their website or ask your territory manager.

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