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Online transfusion medicine course launched by Improve International

The global veterinary education specialist Improve International have launched a new online transfusion medicine course in partnership with Pet Blood Bank UK

With advancements in veterinary transfusion medicine leading to increased demand for the treatment, global veterinary education specialist Improve International has launched a new transfusion medicine course in partnership with the Pet Blood Bank UK.

The new course will provide quality training for veterinary nurses and technicians with an interest in this area as well as offering the opportunity to achieve a Nurse Certificate (NCert), Veterinary Technician (VTCert) or Veterinary Paraprofessional Certificate (VPPCert) from the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

The online programme will start on 1 April 2022 and comprises eight modules covering key transfusion medicine topics of relevance to veterinary nurses. The modules are delivered over 15 months with one module released every other month. Each module contains six lessons and two reflective studies for delegates to work through at their own pace. During the fourth week of the month, reflective sessions are provided. Additional training in study skills and revision materials are offered during the months between modules. 

Helen Rooney, BSC (Hons), CVN, Cert Ed, Dip AVN (Medical), Cert ECCVN, RVN, induction and training manager at Pet Blood Bank UK, commented: “After 14 years of supporting veterinary practices with transfusion medicine and running our blood bank service, we feel the time is right to pass on what we have learned. 

“We know that transfusions are now being performed in first opinion, as well as referral settings and we are so excited to be part of this formal training and qualification for veterinary nurses.”

She added: “Transfusion medicine is an ideal specialism for nurses as many aspects can be nurse-led, including the recruitment of blood donors and on-site product management, setting up the transfusion and monitoring recipients and developing practice transfusion protocols.  

“This unique course is suitable for any nurse wanting to advance their transfusion knowledge and more confidently support their clinicians when the decision to transfuse is made. 

“At Pet Blood Bank, providing education and training to advance transfusion medicine has always been a core part of our mission so we are delighted to support the creation of this course.” 

Commenting on the new programme, operational head for Improve International in the UK Dr Charlotte French, said: “The emphasis of this programme is on understanding when, why and how transfusions are given and how to collect and administer blood safely to maximise donor and recipient safety.  

“The introduction of blood banking and the process and availability of different blood products is also covered, together with content on the conditions blood products can support and an explanation of aetiology, physical examination findings, clinical signs and associated testing.” 

As with all of Improve International’s online learning programmes, the modules are available 24/7 and are hosted on a world-leading online learning management platform, which also includes quizzes and a discussion forum. A dedicated Programme Coordinator provides support and assistance to delegates. 

Charlotte continued: “Overall, the programme will equip veterinary nurses with a good understanding of the aims and risks of transfusions; how to carry out recipient monitoring to detect adverse transfusion reactions and how to manage them.

“The acquisition of these new skills will enable veterinary nurses to take a proactive and significant role in transfusion cases in their practice and to promote good, evidence-based practice.” 

To access a one hour recorded taster session of the course with free CPD please contact Improve International and for more information on the Transfusion Medicine course visit the course website page.

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