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Social media campaign for International Cat Day 2022

Communicating for cats: International Cat Care has launched a new social media campaign for International Cat Day 2022

As custodians of International Cat Day, International Cat Care (iCatCare) has taken this opportunity to communicate for cats and raise awareness for owners, caregivers and all those working with cats globally.

A social media campaign sponsored by Zoetis (and supported by MDC Exports), will run across five weeks starting 18 July and building up to International Cat Day, which takes place annually on 8 August.

This year’s International Cat Day theme will be “Cat Friendly Resources”, and the campaign will focus on providing resources that support feline’s key needs throughout their lives and promote both physical health and mental well-being.

iCatCare will be sharing expert advice and eye-catching downloadable content as part of a collaboration with world-renowned animal illustrator Lili Chin, to help all those caring for cats (both owned and unowned) ensure they are meeting their essential needs in a cat-friendly way.

The International Cat Day campaign will commence with a naming contest for two new ambassador cats (created exclusively for iCatCare by Lili Chin), which will feature throughout the educational materials shared on social media leading up to ICD. A photo competition will also be held to encourage followers to interact and share knowledge relating to the theme.

Celebrations taking place on International Cat Day itself will include multiple live Q&A sessions from feline experts, an update from the recent International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) veterinary conference, and a reading of a bedtime story “Minding Mittens” by author Dr Aisling O’Keeffe, which teaches young children how to care for them.

Dr Sarah Ellis, head of cat advocacy at International Cat Care said: “We are really excited at iCatCare HQ on this year’s International Cat Day theme of Cat Friendly Resources.

“Resources such as food, water, resting and safe places are important to every cat, whether it is owned or unowned and whether it lives indoors or outdoors. Likewise, every person whether they care for cats professionally, as a volunteer or as an owner should understand how to provide the key resources a cat needs in a cat friendly way.

“IDC 2022 allows us to learn together, across the globe in an enjoyable and collaborative way!”

To join the International Cat Day 2022 campaign, follow @icatcare on social media and use the #InternationalCatDay and #BeCatCurious. For more information visit their website.

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