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Practice-supportive pricing structure for innovative precision livestock multi-micronutrient boluses

Available to farm clients exclusively via vet practices, a set of three multi-micronutrient boluses to fine-tune dairy or beef cow and heifer metabolism pre-calving, reduce early lactation acidosis risk, and optimise pre-breeding readiness has been launched.

According to vet Jonathan Statham of RAFT Solutions, practice-only distribution offers vets an opportunity for client consultation about these “high precision components” of sustainable herd health management. Recommended retail prices (RRP) are published and offer what he describes as “a new sustainable business stream for vet practices.”

“Each variant can be used individually to tackle specific needs,” he explains, “or in sequence to support rumen health and liver function, many metabolic processes and reproductive readiness.”

For late pregnancy, Bolifast Physiologic promotes metabolic support during the transition period; Bolifast Rumen delivers nutritional stability in early lactation; and Boliflash Fertil targets oestrus, heat expression and conception.

High precision formulations include amino acids and trace elements, bio-stimulants and yeast derivatives, rumen buffers and essential micro-nutrient precursors. Two boluses per cow or heifer, one effervescent and active within 30 minutes, the other slow release, are given simultaneously to minimise animal handling.

Recommended retail pricing is £8.48/cow dose for the pre-calving and early lactation formulations, and £9.80/cow pre-breeding. Support for metabolic testing is available through RAFT.

Bolifast and Boliflash boluses are manufactured by Kersia and distributed by Broomhall Buying Services on behalf of RAFT Solutions with free-of-charge purpose-designed applicators for easy and animal-sensitive administration.

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