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New laparoscopic spaying factsheet by BSAVA

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has added a new laparoscopic spaying factsheet to its series of client information leaflets

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has published a new factsheet for pet owners providing information on laparoscopic spaying. This was produced after requests from vets and is now available as a resource for clients who are considering this procedure for their pets.

BSAVA’s client information leaflets are designed to be used as part of the veterinary consultation and provide information to help owners understand what is involved in a procedure or examination, including the reasons for it, the preparation required, any associated risks and what happens during and after the procedure. They are available in a PDF format which can be printed and stamped with the veterinary practice details or emailed to clients.

Elise Robertson, ABVS American Board-Certified Diplomate Feline Practice and author of the endoscopic client information leaflets, said: “The client information leaflets were created due to the need for accurate and reliable information from reputable sources. I’m proud to have worked with BSAVA in providing that support for our colleagues in practice and referral institutions alike.”

BSAVA’s Head of Publishing Ian Mellor, said: “This new factsheet brings our total number of client leaflets to 178. Our client leaflets have been downloaded more than 10,000 times in the past year and are an important part of our drive to improve the health and welfare of small animals by providing practical resources to the veterinary profession.”

The new leaflet on laparoscopic spaying is available via the BSAVA Library. Access to the entire range of client information leaflets (including canine and feline behaviour, exotic pets and medicines) is available for an annual subscription of £40; BSAVA members have access to these leaflets as one of their membership benefits.

BSAVA welcomes suggestions for new topics to cover in its client information leaflets series. Please send any ideas to the BSAVA via email. For information on how to become a BSAVA member visit the membership page on the BSAVA website. 

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