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Marketing mavericks cause a stir in digital animal health

Digital marketing agency are shaking up the digital world with the launch of a division dedicated purely to Search Engine Optimisation and online performance in animal health

Digital marketing agency (PIO) has announced the launch of its division dedicated purely to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online performance in animal health.

SEO and performance marketing offers brands a unique opportunity to understand their audience’s wants and needs, be them vets, pet owners or farmers, and engage with them online, measurably and sustainably.  

‘’We all know the value animals bring to our lives and the contribution they make to both our physical and mental well-being – so ensuring they stay healthy and that their caregivers are properly informed is top of our list,” says Hannah Watts, who will lead the new division for the global performance marketing agency as head of animal health. “At, we can’t bear to see marketing spend that could be working hard to make a difference to animals and their owners wasted.

“Ultimately, if Google can’t find your website content, or doesn’t see it as trustworthy, it won’t serve it on page one of the search results (and we know no one visits page two or beyond!). Then, even the most creative and attractive looking website becomes nothing more than a beautiful shop window with the shutters down. All that time and financial investment wasted on content no one sees unless there is continuous and heavy spend in paid media. Unfortunately, this is a pattern we see time and again in animal health, and so we are on a mission to fix that.

‘’SEO can and should permeate every aspect of a sophisticated marketing plan. From search insights feeding broader campaign messaging and strategy, to ensuring press releases and YouTube videos can be found online, to building new websites with the audience and Google in mind from day one. Animal health companies who are brave enough to jump in and embrace it have a unique opportunity to be disruptive and really drive competitive advantage for their brands’’

The benefits of SEO and performance marketing include:

  • Increasing relevant organic traffic to websites – meaning more brand awareness and visibility
  • As a result, reducing continuous reliance on paid media to drive traffic
  • Reducing wasted investment in content for websites no one sees or wasted investment in building websites that get no visibility
  • Ensuring new products launch with businesses ahead of the curve and already dominating the search landscape in their relevant therapy area

For more information on performance-io, visit their website

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