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Krka launches first line antibiotic Cladaxxa

Krka has launched its first line broad-spectrum antibiotic Cladaxxa, which has proven efficacy in the targeted treatment of respiratory, digestive, urinary, skin and dental infections in cats and dogs

Krka has extended its companion animal product range with the launch of Cladaxxa, a broad-spectrum antibiotic offering proven efficacy in the targeted treatment of respiratory, digestive, urinary, skin and dental infections in dogs and cats.

Offering bioequivalence to the market reference product, Cladaxxa is a combined amoxicillin/clavulanic antibiotic, designed for first line treatment of bacterial infections.

This new range is available in three strengths of flavoured tablet, with the 200/50 microgram formulation also licenced for cats to reduce the tablet burden in larger breeds.

Cladaxxa is presented in Krka’s unique blister design packaging to protect the clavulanic acid, which is highly sensitive to moisture.

Ready-scored tablets support accurate dosing and optimal use is also ensured as halved tablets can be returned to the protective blister packaging to be used within the following 24 hours.  It is offered in packs of 60 or 100 tablets to offer maximum efficiency for practices.

Commenting on the range launch, Krka’s National Sales Manager Will Ridgway, said: “Treating bacterial infections is an important everyday task for vets in practice. Cladaxxa is a great example of Krka using its expertise in end to end product design to deliver efficacy and value to our customers. We hope they will find Cladaxxa an advantageous solution in treating these patients.”

Ned Flaxman, general manager of Krka UK, added: “In addition to supplying reliable solutions combined with commercial simplicity for our veterinary customers, Krka is looking to the future. 

“We are leveraging our proficiency in product development and vertical supply chains to drive further growth in our animal health portfolio to ensure that, even in turbulent times, we deliver accessible and affordable treatments for all.”

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