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IVC Evidensia to launch new international exchange programme after successful pilot

The pilot for IVC Evidensia’s ambitious farm exchange scheme is in its final stages with 12 farm vets from practices in the Netherlands and UK completing a one-week swap

One of the world’s leading veterinary care providers, IVC Evidensia, has used its global presence and collective knowledge to launch a brand-new international exchange programme for farm vets.

The pilot for the ambitious farm exchange scheme is in its final stages with six farm vets from practices in the Netherlands and six from the UK completing a one-week country and practice swap.

Under the programme farm vets have been able to observe farm animal practice in another country, share knowledge with their peers and further strengthen their relationships.

One of the organisers of the pilot exchange scheme, Evy Kras, farm animal business support manager, says that the pilot has had great feedback so far.

ʺWe hope the next step will be opening up the opportunity to all our UK and Netherlands farm clinics and then involve more of our farm practices in countries such as France and the ROI.ˮ

Using their experience back in their respective countries the vets involved in the pilot exchange will build on the gold standard best practice, and the collaboration won’t stop there.

The 12 farm vets will become ambassadors for the IVC Evidensia Farm Exchange programme, hosting client talks about their experiences and sharing what they have learned with their farm clients.

They will also present to the Farm Animal Clinical Boards in both countries and speak with farm vet student groups.

Their experience will be invaluable feedback for the future of the initiative as well as the Farm Vet Career Path group at IVC Evidensia.

The exchange programme was organised by Farm Animal Group Advisor, David Stockton in the UK and Evy Kras in the Netherlands.

David Stockton said: “We’re excited to be in the ‘live stage’ of our Netherlands-UK Vet Exchange project. The exchanges in both directions between vets from six practices in the UK and six practices in the Netherlands will be completed by the end of November this year.

“The vets involved have been super enthusiastic about the trips and looking forward to observing farm animal veterinary practice in the country they are visiting – understanding the veterinary legislation in the country they are travelling to; seeing variations of farming systems; experiencing different farming health and quality assurance schemes; exchanging information on practice working habits and protocols and learning alternative surgical, medical, and advisory methods.ˮ

Evy Kras said: “Some of the exchanges have already taken place with more to happen in the coming months. We are really pleased with the feedback we have had so far. This pilot is the first of its kind for farm vets within IVC Evidensia.

“We believe this knowledge exchange is another useful aide in the professional development of our farm vets and will help our practices with both recruitment and retention of veterinary surgeons.”

The practices involved in this pilot exchange scheme are from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and across the Netherlands. The six practices in the UK have been paired with a practice in the Netherlands.

For more information about IVC Evidensia Farm Vets and the exchange programme, head to the website.

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