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Forte Healthcare introduces the VetTrue system to Europe

Forte Healthcare is delighted to be partnering with Epona Biotec to bring the VetTrue System, for temperature monitoring in horses, to Europe

Forte Healthcare is delighted to be partnering with Epona Biotec to bring the VetTrue System (VetTrue Tail Tab and VetTrue App) to Europe. The pioneering technology of the VetTrue System complements Forte Healthcare’s expertise as a global distributor of innovative animal healthcare solutions.

The VetTrue System is setting the new standard in proactive equine healthcare; delivering accurate and non-invasive temperature monitoring accessed anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

It consists of a single-use VetTrue TailTab containing a temperature monitor and transmitter that is fixed securely to the horse’s tail and the VetTrue App which once activated records the horse’s temperature every five minutes to a smartphone device via Bluetooth. The monitoring device is easily fitted using a self-adhesive medical-grade tape and can stay in place for up to five days.

Kirsty McCann, equine sales manager at Forte Healthcare says “We are incredibly excited at Forte Healthcare to introduce this pioneering technology to the equine industry. Once the TailTab is correctly fitted, The VetTrue App records the horse’s temperature continuously for up to five days.

“Its benefits are many, and wide-reaching. It will enable equine professionals in both clinical practice and everyday care routines to improve horse healthcare practices and the early detection and prevention of illnesses and diseases in horses – and not least, it will dramatically reduce human hours traditionally required for temperature monitoring.”

Dr Des Leadon, FRCVS, clinical consultant, The Irish Equine Centre says: “I have used the VetTrue system for 24 hours and longer periods of monitoring of high-value racehorses and stallions, during long-distance travel, since the system first became available.

“It provides very valuable reassurance that all is well, it facilitates rapid identification of fevers, and the Bluetooth facility, which permits remote monitoring, is a major breakthrough in minute-by-minute temperature monitoring.”

With a dedicated sales team in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, Forte Healthcare will bring the VetTrue System to equine veterinary professionals, transport professionals, trainers, riders, and consignors across Europe.

For more information on the VetTrue System, visit their website.

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