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First integrated pet diabetes management software

Digitail is building the first integrated pet diabetes management software together with a task force of chronic disease experts

Digitail, the all-in-one veterinary software for the modern veterinary practice, is creating the first diabetes software expert task force to cater to the ever-growing number of diabetic pets.

Diabetes is a complex disease that requires careful management both in the clinic and especially at home. Success rates are highly impacted by the pet parent’s understanding of the pathology and compliance with veterinary guidance.

Pet parents of diabetic pets must keep daily logs of blood glucose levels, insulin dosage, appetite, thirst, urine, and other clinical signs. The current tools used to manage pet diabetes are inefficient or do not cater to pets’ needs (human equivalent).

Digitail’s pet diabetes management software tool is focused on three main pillars:

  1. Education – through the already popular Learning Space from the Digitail Pet Parent App, pet parents receive access to diabetes-specific resources curated by veterinarians and pet care experts
  2. Compliance – the Diabetes tool features a custom schedule broken down into three easy steps for at-home diabetes management, creating an easy-to-follow routine. Reminders, daily activity summaries, progress analysis, and intelligent insights are available to guide the pet parents
  3. Collaboration – the veterinarian is always up to date as the data from the app is available in real-time in the PIMS, and they can assign tasks remotely. The pet parent is encouraged to regularly liaise with their vet and tweak the treatment plan as needed, ensuring the proper flow of information.

As the solution progresses, Digitail has moved to the next step by liaising with diabetes experts from the veterinary field, preparing pilots across North America. Those interested in joining the task force can still do so by the end of March 2022. 

The Digitail team says they have even more ambitious plans and are looking to scale the solution to multiple chronic conditions involving complex management: “Technology saves lives, and sometimes it is just as easy as facilitating information and creating a routine for caretakers.

“We’ve fully embraced the hybrid pet care model. We believe that pets with chronic diseases and their parents, together with the veterinary community, deserve the tools to maximize their success rates.”

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