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Doodle’s drama a doddle for Kentdale vets

A charity fundraiser has ensured a 10-week-old Doodle puppy, Faith, that could not stop spending a penny was able to undergo life-changing surgery

Little Faith was born with a urinary defect which meant she had been incontinent since birth. The DoodleAid charity heard about her wee problem and launched a fund-raising page to pay for Faith’s life-changing surgery at one of the UK’s leading small animal hospitals, Linnaeus-owned Kentdale Referrals in Milnthorpe, Cumbria.

Jan Beranek, a highly-experienced EBVS European specialist in small animal surgery, operated successfully to solve Faith’s problem.

Jan explained: “Faith had been suffering from urinary incontinence since birth, so we carried out a CT scan and urography to diagnose the problem. The results confirmed she had a congenital condition called ‘bilateral intramural ectopic ureters’.

“I carried out abdominal surgery, including a ventral cystotomy, proximal urethrotomy and split division of the ectopic ureters to rectify the problem. Imaging and surgery took a total of three hours. Faith made a good recovery and was only hospitalised with us for 24 hours.

“Everything was fine at her six-week post-operative check and her foster carer advised us that Faith was fully continent immediately after surgery and they were really pleased with the outcome.”

The fund-raisers at DoodleAid were equally delighted they had helped to make such a difference with their generous donation. DoodleAid Trustees Caroline King and Karen Harvey gave a glowing testimonial for the Kentdale team when they thanked all those who had donated, saying: “Faith is a very lucky little puppy as we managed to find a fantastic vets with Kentdale Referrals.

“Jan and his team performed a total miracle on such a small puppy and DoodleAid will be forever grateful for all the care and love Faith was shown whilst in their hospital.

“Faith now has the chance in life to blossom into adulthood, all because this wonderful animal hospital gave her the chance she so deserved. We thank you all. Best news of all is that her foster carer Chris Heath has now adopted Faith and given her a forever home. She is doing great and is in fabulous health thanks to everyone involved.

“Chris adopted another dog from us many years ago, a little poodle-cross called Gizmo, and Faith and Gizmo are now the best of friends.”

Chris, from Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire, admitted it was all a worrying time but is delighted with the happy outcome. He confessed: “I was very concerned when the vet diagnosed the issue, more so when she had her scan which showed both her tubes from kidney to bladder weren’t connected. Kentdale were absolutely fantastic, though. They arranged for her scan and surgery on the same day, kept us all informed on her progress throughout and she was only kept in one night.

“Faith is absolutely fine now. The incontinence stopped straight after surgery and she’s had no further issues. She’s now growing into a very playful and loving girl and enjoys life with her brother, Gizmo, and me.”

Kentdale Referrals is a specialist-led practice offering expert services in diagnostic imaging, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, anaesthesia, infection control, orthopaedic surgery, spinal surgery, soft tissue surgery and physiotherapy. 

For more information on Kentdale Referrals, visit their website or search for Kentdale Referrals on social media.

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