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Complicated case of paralysed Whippet treated by Kentdale Refferals

A paralysed Whippet is back on track after undergoing specialist spinal treatment at one of the UK’s leading animal hospitals, Kentdale Referrals

FIGURE (1) Paralysed whippet Moses undergoing hydrotherapy and rehabilitation after surgery to fix a protruding intervertebral disc

A paralysed nine-year-old Whippet called Moses was in need of a miracle, crossing the sea from the Isle of Mann to Cumbria for expert care at the Linnaeus-owned Kentdale Referrals in Milnthorpe.

Kentdale’s Graham Hayes, an RCVS and European Specialist in small animal surgery, took charge of the challenging case, with the paralysed Whippet Moses admitted for two weeks to undergo spinal surgery followed by intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Graham explained: “When Moses arrived, he was unable to use any of his four legs. A CT scan and myelogram revealed pressure on the spinal cord in his neck which was being caused by the protrusion of an intervertebral disc.

“We performed a cervical ventral slot, where access to the spine is made by going into the front of the neck to get access to the underside of the vertebra. The protruding disc material was located and removed to stop the compression on the spinal cord, with Moses remaining hospitalised with us for the next two weeks to undergo intensive physiotherapy with the nursing team. 

“The results were very good, with movement and strength gradually returning over the two weeks, allowing Moses to be able to return home to his grateful owners. His recovery is ongoing and Moses has recently started hydrotherapy in the Isle of Mann and continues to improve.”

Owner Janetta Taylor admitted her precious pet’s sudden collapse and paralysis left her fearing that Moses would never walk again. She said she was so very grateful that Kentdale helped him back onto his feet: “It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment he was jumping up and down but when I turned away to put something down and then turned back, he was on the floor not moving and unable to move any part of his body. 

“My first reaction was ‘Could he be saved and ever walk again?’ I was extremely concerned, particularly as Moses was my late husband Paul’s dog. I took him to our vet on the island and they referred him to Kentdale for specialist treatment, so the next thing I [knew, I] was transporting him via car and boat to their hospital in Cumbria.

“I was soon put at ease when Graham explained the problem to me and that he would be able to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord in his neck. I knew then that he was in superb hands. Sure, enough Graham and [the] brilliant team took great care of Moses and I had regular updates and photos explaining how he was responding to the physiotherapy his was receiving.

“Their aftercare advice for me on how to care for Moses – letting me know he would need hydrotherapy (treadmill) and more physiotherapy on his return to the island – was also top class. Kentdale has a fantastic team who will go that extra mile and Graham and his staff made this difficult time much easier for me. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.”

Kentdale Referrals is a specialist-led practice offering expert services in diagnostic imaging, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, anaesthesia, infection control, orthopaedic surgery, spinal surgery, soft tissue surgery and physiotherapy. 

For more information on Kentdale Referrals, visit their website or search for Kentdale Referrals on social media.

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