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Ceva showcases latest industry developments at UK Poultry Layer Conference

Innovations in poultry management, such as sustainability and environmental initiatives and the latest cutting-edge disease control solutions were presented

Ceva Animal Health hosted a UK Poultry Layer Conference at Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire on Thursday 16 June to showcase the latest developments in the layer industry and innovative initiatives to enhance the health and welfare of laying hens.

Over 70 delegates from the UK layer industry met to learn more about new innovations in poultry management including sustainability and environmental initiatives and the latest cutting-edge disease control solutions. Keynote speakers included Shaun Cawthraw, research scientist at Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Hazel Russell, senior producer technical support at Chippindale Foods, part of Morrisons plc, and members of Ceva’s poultry team – Kostas Koutoulis, poultry veterinary services manager for Western Europe, Pippa Abbey, national veterinary services manager UK and IE and Jaime Sarabia, corporate veterinary services manager.

Following an introduction by Ceva poultry business unit director, Helen Houghton, delegates were given an overview of Morrisons’ sustainability challenges in the layer industry by Hazel Russell. She reviewed the many initiatives that Morrisons has put in place “growing great British Food with farmers who care” with a goal of becoming net zero carbon by 2030.

Hazel’s presentation was followed by sessions on Ceva’s novel IBD vaccine, Novamune, which included experiences in the field by Kostas Koutoulis and Pippa Abbey. Pippa presented a background on Novamune’s immune complex technology and the benefits for pullets in rear including recent UK field data.

Following his presentation, Kostas Koutoulis, commented: “Gumboro disease (IBD) is a disease that has the potential to cause extensive financial losses to the poultry industry. We are, therefore, delighted for the opportunity to showcase our novel Novamune vaccine for layers; a vaccine that has proven benefits demonstrated in differing field conditions across Europe. By using Novamune, producers can simplify their vaccination programme by a single application in the hatchery, as opposed to multiple field IBD vaccinations.”

The afternoon session featured an informative presentation by Shaun Cawthraw on Salmonella in the layer industry, whether it was still a problem and how to detect an outbreak which was followed by an overview of Salmonella diagnostics tests by Jaime Sarabia.

Commenting on the UK Poultry Layer Conference, Helen Houghton, said: “Our goal is to make poultry production more efficient, sustainable and economical.  We were therefore delighted to bring together leading experts in their fields at our UK Poultry Layer Conference to showcase new findings, approaches and perspectives to help enhance knowledge and skills across the industry to both enhance the health and welfare of animals and meet our sustainability and economic objectives.”

For further information on Ceva’s poultry business unit and its range of products and services contact Ceva’s head office on 01494 781510 or email cevauk@ceva.com.

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