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Veterinary practice in oncology given global boost by WSAVA

One in four dogs and one in five cats will develop cancer in their lifetime

Cancer is common in pets with almost 50 percent of dogs over 10 years of age developing the devastating disease. The rapidly developing practice of veterinary oncology is to receive a global boost with the recent inauguration of a World Small Animal Veterinary Association Committee to raise awareness of the latest thinking in cancer therapy and promote best practice globally.

Called the WSAVA Oncology Working Group, its recently appointed team of expert members is starting to work on the development of a set of easy-to-use, accessible Global Guidelines for veterinary oncology practice. While they are in development, the WSAVA Oncology Working Group will create practical, user-friendly tools for use by veterinarians to enhance standards of treatment and educate owners about cancer in pets.

Members of the Oncology Working Group include Specialists from around the world, including WSAVA Past President Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, past president of the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology, and avid international pet cancer advocate.

The Committee is chaired by Argentinian veterinarian and oncology specialist Dr. Martin Soberano, who is based in Mexico City. Dr. Soberano pioneered veterinary oncology in Latin America and is the founder and president of the Latin American Veterinary Oncology Society.

The other members of the Working Group are:

  • Dr. Nick Bacon: A RCVS-Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Oncology) and a European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Oncology), Dr. Bacon is Clinical Director, Oncologic and Soft Tissue Surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals, UK.
  • Dr. Pachi Clemente-Vicario: A Diplomate in Oncology and Small Animal Internal Medicine from ACVIM, Dr. Clemente-Vicario works at La Merced Veterinary Oncology in Alicante, Spain.
  • Dr. Antonio Guiliano, Hong Kong: A Board-Certified Oncologist with ECVIM, Dr. Guiliano works at CityU VMC in Hong Kong as a Specialist in Oncology.
  • Dr. Ann Hohenhaus: A Diplomate in Oncology and Small Animal Internal Medicine from ACVIM, Dr. Hohenhaus is Staff Doctor, Oncology, Animal Medical Center, New York, USA.
  • Dr. Natalia Ignatenko: Dr. Ignatenko completed her residency at the Department of Oncology Centre for Clinical Veterinary Medicine, LMU Munich, Germany, in 2017.
  • Dr. Felisbina Queiroga, a member of the WSAVA Executive Board with significant experience in oncology, will serve as Liaison between the Oncology Working Group and the Board.

Dr. Soberano said: “The WSAVA Oncology Working Group aims to overcome global variations in oncology treatment and raise awareness of the different types of tumors affecting companion animals. Many cancers in these animals also occur in humans so we see an opportunity to improve the lives of both animal and human patients by raising standards of treatment for veterinary oncology patients.”

Dr. Kirpensteijn added: “In developing our resources, we will work closely with other WSAVA Committees and our affiliated WSAVA association, the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology.”

The WSAVA represents more than 200,000 veterinarians worldwide through its 115 member associations and works to enhance standards of clinical care for companion animals. Its core activities include the development of WSAVA Global Guidelines in key areas of veterinary practice, including nutrition, pain management and vaccination, together with lobbying on important issues affecting companion animal care worldwide.

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