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Vet Vision celebrates silver award for quality cat care

A veterinary ophthalmology referral practice has been recognised for the outstanding facilities it provides for feline patients at all three of its clinics across the north of England

Linnaeus-owned Veterinary Vision has been awarded with silver accreditation by the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), an international charity dedicated to the well-being of cats, for the facilities it provides at its sites in Penrith, Sunderland and Charnock Richard.

It is a fitting reward for the Veterinary Vision team which has put in place a series of measures to ensure all feline patients receive the finest treatment.

Head Nurse Nicola Atkins said: “We are very happy and proud to have achieved our silver accreditation for cat-friendly clinic status. This award shows our feline patients have been carefully considered and we’ve ensured the best standards of care are in place to provide them with a positive and stress-free visit.

“To earn this internationally-recognised award, we had to prove that we met all of the ISFM criteria. These include allocating a nurse and vet at each centre who are dedicated to caring for our cats and providing ‘cat only’ waiting areas to reduce their stress.”

Nicola said there were many benefits of being able to deliver bespoke facilities and treatment to feline patients.

She added: “We provide cats with carefully-tailored care from our stress-free waiting areas and high standards of anaesthetic protocols, which deliver an enriched stay at our hospitals. This also reassures owners and makes them feel more at ease about visiting our clinics with their cats.”

For more information about Veterinary Vision, visit the Veterinary Vision website or search for Veterinary Vision on social media.

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