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SignalPET launches novel dental radiology AI tool, SignalSMILE

Advanced technology solution ushers in a new wave of AI-powered dentistry in veterinary medicine

SignalPET is thrilled to announce the launch of SignalSMILE, the second of its novel Artificial Intelligence veterinary radiology technologies. SignalSMILE is an advanced technology solution that is ushering in a new wave of AI-powered dentistry in veterinary medicine. The tool uses advanced machine learning to detect the most common pathologies on companion animal dental x-rays, helping vets to provide faster intervention, less expensive care, and enhanced patient outcomes.

SignalPET’s co-founder, Dr. Neil Shaw, DACVIM, has always believed that the veterinary profession will continue to advance not only by simply improving the quality of care but by reducing the delivery cost as well. “We are simply thrilled to launch SignalSMILE to the veterinary profession. Dentistry has only recently become a focus for veterinary practitioners, and we are so excited to assist them by offering a second set of eyes on their dental films. For a variety of reasons, dental films can be challenging to interpret. With SignalSMILE, findings are confirmed by SignalPET’s patented AI, leading to increased diagnostic confidence in clinical decision making while the patient is still under anaesthesia.”

SignalPET’s patented veterinary AI technology uses machine learning to assess companion animal radiographs in real-time for normals and abnormals to aid practitioners in the diagnostic process. Their newest offering, SignalSMILE, detects the five most common dental pathologies and aids point-of-care decision-making. Those pathologies are Furcation Bone Loss, Periapical Lucency, Resorptive Lesion, Severe Attachment (Alveolar Bone) Loss, Significant Tooth with Pathology, and Tooth Fracture.

“After the positive reception to SignalRAY in the veterinary market, we took a step back and asked ourselves where else can we apply our patented AI that would assist veterinarians in providing the highest quality care, and potentially drive down the cost of care for the client,” says SignalPET CEO and co-founder Lior Kuyer. “After some research, the answer was clear, dentistry is the next frontier for radiology AI. Making clinical decisions around extractions should never be taken lightly and we are so excited to be providing a tool that gives veterinarians the additional tools they need to feel confident in their decision making for their patients.”

SignalPET’s other technology, SignalRAY, is used by thousands of clinicians across the US. Its patented technology utilises AI and deep machine learning to assess companion animal radiographs in real-time to provide proven, reliable results on 50+ radiographic test results in 10 minutes or less. Its AI provides objective, consistent, data-driven results on radiographic studies to support the veterinary practitioner, with the information and confidence to make the best possible decisions and ensure high-quality outcomes for patients and clients.

To learn more about SignalPET’s suite of veterinary AI tools, visit the website, or call (214) 612-0959. To access information about SignalSMILE prior to 5 June, visit the website.

About SignalPET

SignalPET was created to help clinicians gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs. Powered by patented artificial intelligence, clinicians are now instantly supported by the most advanced technology medicine has to offer. SignalPET provides a second set of eyes for routine whole body and dental radiology screenings, offering objective, reliable results on over 50 radiographic tests and 5 dental panels for companion animals.

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