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Safeguarding pets during vaccine shortage

Agria Pet Insurance are relaxing their rules regarding insurance for pets that are unable to receive primary vaccinations due to shortages and who develop an issue that would have otherwise been prevented by a vaccination

Due to current issues concerning demand, distribution and availability of some animal vaccines, Agria Pet Insurance has amended usual protocols to safeguard pets. In cases where there is an interruption of their routine care, the specialist pet insurer will relax rules concerning pets that have missed vaccinations or are out of their vaccination schedule.  

Relaxed vaccination rules  

Pets that have not received primary vaccinations due to shortages who develop an issue that would have been prevented by a vaccination will now have that condition covered under their Agria Pet Insurance policy.

Agria Pet Insurance provided similar concessions when the pandemic forced vets to close for routine procedures. The specialist insurer is once again helping customers faced with interruptions to their pet’s usual veterinary care.    

Nick Horniman from VETSBarn comments: “Like many other veterinary practices in the UK, we have been aware of increasing issues in the supply of some animal vaccines. While we are managing as safely and as best as we can during the current shortage, we welcome Agria’s decision to relax rules in cases where owners are unable to access vaccinations for their pets. This sensible approach will give owners affected by the shortage greater peace of mind over their pet’s health.”

Nick White, head of veterinary at Agria Pet Insurance, comments: “Keeping pets protected is our primary concern. While there is a shortage of vaccines, owners who are unable to access routine veterinary care can be reassured that our amended protocols will ensure their pet’s insurance cover is unaffected.” 

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