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Revolutionary new diet shown to support cardiac function in dogs

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets CC CardioCare is a new diet containing a blend of nutrients to support heart function

On 30 June, PURINA will launch Pro Plan Veterinary Diets CC CardioCare, a new diet containing a blend of nutrients to support heart function. This nutrient blend has been supported by clinical research, with a 2019 study revealing it has the potential to delay the progression of preclinical myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) in dogs. For vets in practice, the diet could prove a useful tool to help support dogs with MMVD or chronic cardiac insufficiency of another cause.

The CardioCare diet is based on ground-breaking research carried out at the Purina Technology Center exploring how nutrients can support the ailing heart. First, a series of metabolomics studies identified key metabolic changes that occur in MMVD and established the basis of these at the molecular level. Second, a “Cardiac Nutritional Blend” was designed to address these metabolic changes and this was evaluated in a clinical study.

Key elements of the Cardiac Nutritional Blend include carnitine precursors, antioxidants and medium-chain triglycerides. The latter provide an alternative energy source that is easy for the struggling heart to utilise – this is particularly important as the metabolomics research revealed that dogs with MMVD showed less efficient cardiac energy metabolism.

A clinical study, published in 2019, showed that the Cardiac Nutritional Blend has the potential to delay disease progression in dogs with preclinical MMVD. Over the six-month study period, dogs with preclinical MMVD fed the Cardiac Nutritional Blend showed a reduction in left atrial size, while an equivalent group of dogs fed a control diet showed an increase. Additionally, none of the dogs fed the Cardiac Nutritional Blend progressed from stage B1 to B2 during the study, while 37 percent of dogs fed the control diet showed progression.

While the clinical research to date has focused on MMVD, the nutrients in CardioCare are recognised to be beneficial under conditions of cardiac stress and the diet may prove a useful tool to provide support in a wider range of conditions. It is recommended that the diet can be considered as part of the management plan for dogs with cardiac insufficiency.

Dr Libby Sheridan, PURINA Scientific Affairs Manager for the UK and Ireland, says that PURINA is proud to translate its cutting-edge research into practice. “Metabolomics research has the scope to drive huge advances in managing a range of conditions,” she says. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting field and bring the benefits of our findings to vets in practice. CardioCare opens up a new avenue of support for patients with cardiac insufficiency and vets can use this diet as a tool to complement medical treatment.”

CardioCare will be available from 30 June, and veterinary professionals can contact for more information.

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