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Reassure clients with new hospitalisation app from VisioCare

VisioCare myBuddy app allows the pet owner the opportunity to communicate with the practice in a modern, convenient, and efficient way

VisioCare Services is pleased to announce the hospitalisation app’s arrival, a new development for the popular VisioCare myBuddy pet app currently available to vet practices in the UK.

VisioCare myBuddy is free for a vet’s client to use and allows the pet owner the opportunity to communicate with the practice in a modern, convenient, and efficient way. Whether that is to order more food, medicine, over-the-counter treatments or request an appointment, the app also allows two-way communication between the practice and the pet owner, freeing up telephone time, and practice staff can concentrate on patient care and practice management.

The latest innovation of the service is the launch of the hospitalisation app. The hospitalisation app was designed to offer reassurance to pet owners whilst their beloved is in the vet team’s care. Whether for an overnight operation, or a lengthy stay for more severe conditions, pet owners naturally worry and will call the practice for regular updates. The hospitalisation app gives the vet a quick and convenient option to update clients when they can. It allows videos, images, and direct messages to be sent to the concerned client at the push of a button, offering visual reassurance and cuts down the client’s need to phone the practice.

Karen Froud-Murray, Sales and Marketing Manager at VisioCare Services, explains: “Anyone with a pet will know how awful it feels when you have to leave them with a vet. At present, many practices are inundated with calls to update concerned clients. The new hospitalisation app that comes as part of the myBuddy app package gives the practice the control to send updates as and when business dictates. Catching the animal as it wakes from the anesthetic, eating their first meal or if the animal is hospitalised for a few days, the client can have visual contact with their beloved pet. Vet staff can take a video or picture via the app and send these directly at the push of a button. The pet owner will then get a notification from the practice on their installed app. They immediately feel reassured and comforted with minimal effort from practice staff. It is a highly effective way to maintain communication, build trust with your clients, and maintain customer loyalty.”

The VisioCare myBuddy app functions as a two-way communication tool – between the vet practices and their clients. Pet owners can download it for free and update all their pet’s information into the app, very simply. Each practice has its own unique code, which will link all clients with the correct location. Upon setting it up, the client can request appointments, order food and over the counter treatments, and send questions or concerns – 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. For the practice, the ability to send push notifications with news about the surgery, seasonal conditions, disease information and to keep clients updated on COVID restriction practices is second to none. The app also contains a massive database of condition advice, information, and support.

VisioCare Services offers a selection of effective digital solutions for vat practices focusing on before, during and after care. Alongside the VisioCare myBuddy app, the company also provides VisioCare Consult – a digital platform that contains videos, animations, fact sheets, and condition information that can be shown during a consultation to explain procedures to clients. If necessary, these can be shared via email for concerned pet owners to share with their loved ones. VisioCare TV is a digital waiting room service that provides a visual stimulus to customers waiting for a consultation – post restrictions, of course – and can be a great source of information, advice and even supports product sales in practice.

All VisioCare Services digital solutions offer a free demonstration for vet practices. As a cloud-based solution, the company can provide demonstrations remotely and safely and are happy to discuss the solutions that could benefit your practice, no matter the size. To request a demonstration of any of the services, visit the website.

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