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Pioneering Integrate 2021 conference initiates industry change for sectors

Over 60 delegates joined Integrate 2021 by MSD Animal Health to gain insights on tackling the big issues facing the pig, poultry and aquaculture supply chains

Over 60 delegates from the pig, poultry and aquaculture sectors joined Integrate 2021 to gain insight on alternative and creative approaches to tackling the big issues facing all three supply chains.

The virtual event on 10 November 2021 was hosted by MSD Animal Health UK, a division of Merck & Co, and welcomed delegates from across the veterinary, retail, processing and farming professions to discuss how the sectors can attract and retain good staff, how to foster behavioural change to help teams adopt simple yet powerful changes, and how to build a winning team culture.

“We can all fall victim to becoming very blinkered when it comes to dealing with common challenges we frequently come across in our respective workplaces, drawing on the same methods to find solutions.

“However, for this conference, we purposefully introduced speakers from outside the industry to uncover new ways of thinking to address the common challenges we face,” explained Rebecca Rivara, business unit director for integrated livestock at MSD Animal Health UK.

Delegates heard from three keynote speakers during the day. Each session was followed by lively panel discussions with guests from across the three sectors, including Christine Tacon, Red Tractor chairman and Tracy Bryant-Shaw, head of human resources/health and safety at Scottish Sea Farms, who were able to draw on their own experiences from their work within the agricultural sector.

As part of the Integrate 2021 conference, delegates have been asked to take some of the discussions that were had “offline” and join working groups to help instigate change by looking at methods and techniques that can put the learnings from the conference into practice.

“One of the key aims of this event was to provide a platform where industry leaders could come together and actually make a difference by implementing some of the new techniques they’ve learnt.

“We’re extremely proud to be facilitating this event and the future ‘fringe events’, and it’s hoped that this will help inspire all three sectors to find alternative solutions to common problems. We look forward to seeing the changes this brings and taking it a step further next year,” added Mrs Rivara. 

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