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Groundbreaking digital pathology service set to revolutionise pet care across Nordic countries

SYNLAB rolls out ScorpioVet, a groundbreaking digital pathology service which enables vets to diagnose and treat animals efficiently, to Finland and other Nordic countries

A groundbreaking service that enables vets to diagnose and treat animals in minutes rather than days is ready to revolutionise veterinary care across Northern Europe.

SYNLAB is rolling out ScopioVet, an intuitive digital platform that scans and sends high-resolution digital cytology and haematology images from the point of care to SYNLAB’s global network of clinical pathologists, who provide round-the-clock analysis and results.

As well as bringing major efficiencies to veterinary working practices, this pioneering partnership approach is improving treatment and outcomes for pets, equines and other animals while delivering a better experience for their owners.

In collaboration with Scopio Labs, the US company behind the technology, SYNLAB has now announced exclusive distribution rights for the field-leading ScopioVet model across Finland and other Nordic countries, with the first system installed in April in the Finnish veterinary practice Eläinklinikka Saari Oy, in Vaasa.

SYNLAB ScopioVet uses computational photography techniques to automate the imaging of microscopy samples into uniquely high-resolution digital scans. Unique features such as a three-slide tray, rapid image scanning, simultaneous file streaming and an in-app pathologist chat feature are designed to streamline veterinary workflows.

Fiona Gosling, SYNLAB’s veterinary director in the UK, said: “We are delighted to be in a position to offer this groundbreaking technology to the veterinary sector in Finland and other Nordic countries.

“SYNLAB ScopioVet revolutionises the way in which veterinary practices treat animals, with test results available in as little as 60 minutes. This means quicker diagnosis, faster access to treatment and less stress for pets and their owners, plus greater efficiency for veterinary practices and an improved experience for all.

“The new technology and the speed at which results arrive back with the vet are particularly suited to the Finnish market when you consider the scarcity of cytology labs in Finland. Many Finnish vets currently have to send their cytology to labs via an overnight courier with the results taking several days to come through. This extra waiting time can be very difficult for owners in particular and means that veterinarians spend more time on admin and less time with the animals they care for.”

Assaf Wydra, who has been a vet since 2011 and has owned the veterinary practice Eläinklinikka Saari Oy, in Vaasa, since 2018, said the SYNLAB ScopioVet service is already helping the practice to deliver rapid results.

He said: “I have always had an interest in cytology and was looking to invest in a high-definition microscope, when a colleague in Israel recommended SYNLAB ScopioVet.

“I am amazed by the quality of detail you get and the speed of response is really impressive. Before, I was getting results from cytology samples three or four days later. With the SYNLAB ScopioVet system, not only is the diagnosis fast but the pathologist can mark the findings which is the greatest benefit for me as I can learn from this for future cases.

“The technology is also advantageous from a cost perspective.”

SYNLAB introduced the state-of-the-art ScopioVet system to the UK in 2020 and the new service is now used by veterinary practices across Europe. 

Asher Fink, president of ScopioVet at Scopio Labs, added: “We are delighted to be building on our excellent relationship with SYNLAB, which has developed from providing many vets with this service in the UK market to offering the service in Nordic countries. 

“Our successful partnership plays to the strengths of both brands, with SYNLAB’s unmatched diagnostic expertise and strong customer relationships and Scopio’s leading digital microscopy technology. 

“Together we are revolutionising veterinary diagnostics at the point of care.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about SYNLAB ScopioVet, or to book a demo, can visit the SYNLAB website or send in an email.

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