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Generics bring wider availability and access to veterinary medicines

According to the recent veterinary medicines market study covering years 2017-2019, the generic companies contribute significantly to availability and access to animal health in all European markets

Commissioned by the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products, EGGVP, and carried out by research company Kynetec with the support of EGGVP members, the study demonstrates that the generic companies are increasingly active in the European market.

The generic industry holds 60 percent of the new marketing authorisations and presents over half of all the authorisations in the EU. The available generic products cover all therapeutic groups and most animal species, including minor species.

“The generic companies are becoming more and more important in the European veterinary medicines market. The increase in authorisations for a wide range of species and in all EU countries proves that the generics have a direct positive impact to the availability of medicines and access to animal health and treatments in Europe,” states Marc Cayol, the market study project lead from the EGGVP member company Andres Pintaluba.

Increase in research and development and topical products for companion animals

The study revealed a few changes and trends taking place in the market. Antibiotics’ registrations decreased significantly, whereas registrations for antiparasitics and other therapeutic groups covering a larger variety of treatments grew. The share of new authorisations for companion animals and minor species increased at the expense of products for food producing animals. Regarding the types of procedures, the share of new hybrid registrations increased notably.

“The increase in hybrid registrations reflects the generic companies’ interest in research and development and their aim to develop products that are more fit-for-purpose for the animal and easier for a vet or a carer to administer. We also see the general growing trend of companion animals and the increased interest in their health and well-being,“ notes Dolores Cainzos, the EGGVP chair.

Generic veterinary medicines sector in Europe 2017-2019

There are 197 companies, one third of the total European animal health market, over 50 percent of the EU marketing authorisations (over 30,00 marketing authorisations, 4,000 products for minor species) and over 50 percent of animal health sector employees working in the generic industry.

The report is titled, “Market study on generic veterinary medicines 2nd edition 2017-2019“. 

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