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Audevard Laboratories joins the LIM Group

Audevard Laboratories, European leader in equine health, strengthen their ambitions by joining the LIM Group, a new investor dedicated to the equine sector

In 35 years, Audevard has become the only pharmaceutical laboratory exclusively dedicated to horses in Europe, giving a unique position within the equine industry.

“We have developed specialised pharmaceutical expertise that allows us to invest in protecting the therapeutic offer available to veterinarians and to further develop it in the coming years,” explains Audevard CEO Marina Wissink.

Licensed medicines represent more than half of Audevard‘s turnover. The know-how as well as pharmaceutical rigour acquired through that has helped to support the development of a scientific nutraceutical range, which can be combined with the medicines in various protocols for comprehensive management of the horse’s health.

In the recent years, Audevard has also succeeded in its international development by achieving more than 50 percent of its sales outside of its home market, France, mainly in the major European equine countries. “Achieving a critical size in our markets is essential to pool resources and better serve the equine veterinarians in a rapidly evolving sector,” says Marina.

Building on these successes, the Audevard team wanted to accelerate its development and found in the LIM Group a partner of choice to support its ambitions.

LIM Group is a French corporation consisting of companies exclusively dedicated to the equine sector. The Group owns the saddle brands CWD, Butet and Devoucoux. It also recently launched its health division with the acquisition of the start-up company Arioneo and the ongoing development of locomotion diagnostic products for veterinarians.

Its founder Laurent Duray, a French entrepreneur and horse expert, wants to create a 100 percent equine group that will accompany horse riding and the human-horse relationship in the decades to come.

“Our R&D teams work hand in hand with a team of veterinarians to ensure that our products are developed in total respect for the physical integrity of the horse. We are convinced that tomorrow’s horse riding will be sustainable and responsible and cannot exist without the contribution of equine veterinarians. I am sincerely happy to contribute, via Audevard Laboratories and their teams, to the development of an international equine ecosystem,” says Laurent Duray.

The integration of the company will be effective as of 30 September 2021 and will not change the various relationships between Audevard, its customers or its partners. It does however offer amazing long-term perspectives for the equine sector.

More information may be found on Audevard’s website.

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