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Zoetis joins forces with telemedicine partners

The aim is to to make a difference to practices catching up and reconnecting to their pet owners using compliant platforms designed for remote veterinary support

Zoetis UK today announced partnership work with two leading telemedicine companies to offer you a choice of help for now and in the longer term. “Video With My Vet” and “Vet-AI” with “Joii” have created special discount offers for Zoetis veterinary practice customers with the ambition of being able to make a difference to practices catching up and reconnecting to their pet owners using compliant platforms designed for remote veterinary support.

As the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK saw an estimated 70 percent depletion of veterinary workforces, combined with restricted levels of direct social interaction, Zoetis has committed to championing the highest levels of telemedicine.

As practices aim to return to the new normal there is a lot of catch up work plus a cohort of pet owners who remain at risk or reluctant to visit their vets. Consultations over the phone, delivered safely in line with GDPR and home delivery services such as VetPost can help to get the revenue back in to the practice.

To learn more about each of our partners and determine which telemedicine platform will best meet your needs, visit the websites.

Mark Johnston from “Video With My Vet” says: “Video With My Vet was designed and developed to enable the client to have consultations with their own practice because the client/patient relationship will already be in place, meaning the clinicians at the practice will have the context of the previous consultations and clinical procedures with the practice to refer to. As we emerge from the COVID-19 restrictions, practices will need to re-engineer their workflow and staffing and Video With My Vet is here to assist in this process for the ‘new now’ and for the ‘future’. Providing remote consultations could:

  • Free up a consultation room that could be used for alternative income or just reduce space requirements.
  • Provide flexibility for team members so they can be active when it suits them and the practice.
  • Enable fewer team members to be needed in the clinic because the video consultations can be done from home (suitable for those self-isolating or needing to be at home).
  • Reducing time and costs of unnecessary commuting and processes for entering and exiting the practice.
  • Gives additional opportunities for using members of the team who may want to, or be available to, work longer hours.

“We know that the benefits listed will be practice requirements as they begin to move towards a new future, and we look forward to providing Video With My Vet as part of the next stage of veterinary practice.”

Vet-AI co-founder and veterinarian, Robert Dawson, adds: “Here at Joii we are looking to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with forward thinking practices, focused on providing fantastic customer care. As a practice owner for 25 years I am very aware of the stresses and strains of normal vet practice life and once lockdown is lifted it may not be practicable for most practices to provide dedicated remote care for their patients and clients. We want to integrate with physical veterinary practices to work together to provide the best possible customer journey, where clients can access telemedicine instantly and where any cases needing face to face care can be triaged seamlessly into practice.

“We believe our telemedicine platform, built upon a foundation of science and clinical evidence, makes Joii the gold standard in telemedicine, worldwide. We have driven more cases into physical practices as a consequence of engaging with pet owners early, and ultimately this will grow the overall market. Joii approaches telemedicine in a way that places the customer and veterinary professional at the heart of decision making.”

Zoetis hopes these offers above will provide support for practices and wishes good health to you and your entire practice team. For further information please get in touch with your Zoetis Account Manager or Customer Services 0845 300 8034.

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