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Video With My Vet announces the launch of its telemedicine app

Video With My Vet is a new video consultation service to support veterinary practices and their relationships with their clients and their animals

Video With My Vet (VWMV) Ltd announces the launch of its telemedicine app which enables practices to provide video consultations with their clients.

Video With My Vet is a new video consultation service to support veterinary practices and their relationships with their clients and their animals whether they are in companion animal practice, equine or livestock first opinion or referral practice.

Video With My Vet uses smartphones to extend the practice right to where their clients and their animals are, and enables the practice to respond wherever both the client and their practice team member are for the animals under their care.

In a recent survey: 40 percent pet owners said they would be happy to have some video consultations with people they know at their own vet practice. But only 7 percent said they would be interested in having a consultation with a vet that they did not know. VWMV addresses this 40 percent.

VWMV enables a better customer service level for clients and patients and counteracts the potential of losing clients to other neighbouring practices or online services who offer a similar capability, but are not under their care.

  • Appointments are made by the client and paid for when the client makes the appointment which then integrates into many practice management systems so that the video consultations are made in the same way for the schedules of clinical teams.
  • Emergency appointments can be achieved immediately.
  • Case notes can be entered by the clinician to integrate with the practice management system.
  • Video With My Vet is available after an initial set up cost and then on a fixed monthly subscription or a specified number of hours of consultation time a month. Practices can add further video consulting time as and when needed each month for a modest additional charge.

Mark Johnston, one of the Directors of Video With My Vet and CEO of Vetstream, said “I am passionate about supporting practices and the relationships with their clients and Video With My Vet enables a whole new level of customer experience and a simple way for practices to be closer to their clients. If we had had this application when I was in equine practice it could have saved a significant amount of time in my working day travelling to clients throughout the practice area and so instead of effectively being an ’Uber driver for the practice’ I could have provided a more meaningful and effective immediate service without having to endure endless journeys and avoid the stresses of regularly not being at the client at the agreed time. I am sure not having to wait around for my appearance would have provided a much better client experience and would have led to very much happier clients. We are also delighted to be doing what we can to help with the impact of carbon emissions further than just reducing car journeys by vets and clients by becoming a Corporate member of the Woodland Trust to support the planting of trees in the UK”.

Jerry Crick, one of the Directors of Video With My Vet and said “As practice manager of Boness Vets, I could see the added value that video consultations could provide for the clients and also enable pre-paid appointments to be made instead of ‘no fee’ call-backs. So I designed this telemedicine application to address these issues. We have got a number of future developments already planned. In addition, the practice can improve their treatment compliance monitoring and make amendments to the medication if required and even watch how the client is administering the treatment and give advice on how this could be improved. “

Julia Boness one of the Directors of Video With My Vet said ”We noticed a significant number of our clients at Boness Vets had transport challenges and also had pets that did not appreciate being taken to the practice for appointments. Video With My Vet eliminates the inconvenience and costs of such journeys for some consultations such as follow up consultations or repeat medication checks that can be done using new technology for the benefit of all”. The app will also enable clients to get immediate access to the practice team for emergencies which will be a great reassurance to the client and a significant help for practices to triage the patient. The client can be provided with first aid advice and then arrange subsequent assessment and treatment at the practice or attendance by the practice as appropriate.“

More information can be found on VWMV’s website or contacting Vetstream on +44 1223 895818 or emailing

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