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VetIMPRESS AMU reporting solution helps vets to provide good antimicrobial stewardship

VetIMPRESS provides a solution for vets and farmers to work together on responsible use of medicines

This week, 18-24 November 2020, is World Antimicrobial Awareness Week. The campaign run by the World Health Organisation (WHO) aims to increase awareness around antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which is a matter of global concern across the human health, animal health and agricultural sectors. Being in contact with both animals and farmers, vets are on the frontline in the battle against AMR. VetIMPRESS, the secure data management platform for farm vets provides a solution for vets and farmers to work together on responsible use of medicines, enabling vets to provide good antimicrobial leadership and stewardship for food producing animals through improved reporting of usage on farms.

There has been a collaborative effort across the livestock industry to raise awareness of Antimicrobial Use (AMU), with some retailers and stakeholders in the food supply chain requiring regular reporting of usage data. VetIMPRESS works to reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance by providing a solution for vets to monitor, analyse and report on AMU. The VetIMPRESS AMU Reporting Solution permissions, aggregates and standardises animal and medicine data from purchases to produce quick and accurate reports on antimicrobial usage on individual farms. Generated in a few simple clicks, this solution saves hours of vet time producing AMU reports ahead of farm assurance reviews and audits.

The VetIMPRESS AMU report displays information including quantities of medicine purchased, the form of medicine administered, a breakdown of critically important and not critically important antibiotics and core metrics such as mg/PCU, DDDVet and DCDVet for Dairy farms and equivalent metrics for Beef and Sheep farms.

George Brownlee, CEO of VetIMPRESS said “Antimicrobial resistance is recognised as a significant and current concern to public health worldwide. At VetIMPRESS, we provide insights to enhance the important role farm vets perform in protecting animal health and welfare, human health, and sustainability of resources. A key capability of our VetIMPRESS platform is the ability for vets and their farm clients to efficiently and effectively monitor AMU by taking raw purchase medicines data and transforming it into standardised data that is reflective of real-world farm situations.”

The benefits of the VetIMPRESS AMU reporting function include the ability for vets to take the lead on evidence-based discussions around appropriate use of antibiotics on farm, the facility to compare antibiotic use year on year on individual farms and across similar farms in a practice, and producing information that enriches annual Herd Health reviews and ultimately improves animal health and human health.

For more information on the AMU solution visit VetIMPRESS website or contact to find out how VetIMPRESS can simplify your AMU reporting today.

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