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Vet IT Services create Telemedicine guide for COVID-19 contingency

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense for practices to consider their options for delivering a telemedicine service

Telemedicine is nothing new to the Veterinary sector with some practices already making use of the technology and even some pet insurers offer it as a first port of call for customers who are concerned about their pets. Now, with the current Coronavirus emergency officially categorised as a Pandemic, it makes sense for practices to consider their options for delivering this service.

That’s why Jack Peploe of Vet IT Services has written a guide to help vets decide which method they should use, focusing on tools that many vets already have at their fingertips!

“This is about preparing now to keep your practice operating as usual. Imagine if your staff had to stay at home, with no way of working, or patients needed check ups but their owners aren’t able to bring them in” said Jack.

He added: “The guide is designed to help Vets think about how they can prepare for this eventuality. And how they can ensure their teams can continue working, as long as they are fit and healthy to do so.”

When deciding how to conduct video consultations, the veterinary sector has a lot of considerations to address; usability for both clients and staff, cost for associated services, equipment compatibility and most importantly data security (as without realising by utilising the wrong service you could be inadvertently encouraging clients to use competing practices). So, in the guide Vet IT Services make a recommendation for best practice and are even willing to offer veterinary practices the tool they need to implement it free for a month to get them started.

“It’s a scary situation for all small businesses” Jack concludes “there will be many challenges over the coming months, but it’s also an opportunity for us to step up in a difficult time. We want to ensure that our clients and those in the veterinary community are able to continue to deliver a high standard of care whilst keeping their staff, patients and clients healthy and safe”

Practice owners and managers can get a free copy.

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