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New telemedicine app, VisioCare Linkyvet, helps vets provide patient care, safely and securely

The app will allow patients to be triaged remotely so a decision can be made about whether the pet needs to be seen

VisioCare Linkyvet, a new telemedicine app, launches in the UK on 6 April. It is already in use by over 1000 vets in France, Canada and Switzerland. As the ability to provide care for pets becomes ever more difficult in the light of social distancing, the app will be of real benefit to veterinary professionals, helping them to provide high quality medicine without putting human health at risk. The app is designed to be used by veterinary practices and allows them to maintain a business revenue stream. VisioCare Linkyvet can be used alone or as part of a bundle of VisioCare client communication tools.

VisioCare Linkyvet provides a number of advanced features and includes a payment module – which will be integrated free of charge for orders taken during April – so practices can charge for services provided remotely. It delivers a secure channel for communication and allows the clinician to take photos, video and produce a case file that can be added to the clinical record. Other high-level features include the ability to access the client’s smartphone and zoom into areas that need to be examined or turn on a flashlight to improve visibility. Potential issues such as limitations in clarity due to poor smartphone reception are also solved by the platform.

The tool offers a great deal of flexibility allowing practices to define the hours when the service is available to pet owners. In the current challenging situation, patients can be triaged remotely so a decision can be made about whether the pet needs to be seen.

Managing Director of Veterinary Insights, Alexander Arpino, says the scope of the tool has been extended as a result of telemedicine becoming an acceptable alternative, “During the current COVID-19 situation, Linkyvet has real potential for triage, as well as enabling routine consultations, without putting anyone at risk. It’s good news for patient care, staff wellbeing and also ensuring that the practice remains a viable business that’s still there for everyone to return to when life returns to normality. Outside crisis times, the tool has ongoing value, providing a great way to generate revenue from services such as advisory consultations and follow ups provided remotely and giving clients a convenient alternative to visiting the practice.”

VisioCare Linkyvet is available as an affordable standalone tool or can be included in a bundle with other VisioCare products such as VisioCare Consult, which provides explanatory animations and videos that support clinician recommendations and the myBuddy app, which provides a secure and personalised communication channel between clinic and pet owner.

Veterinary professionals can find out more by visiting Visiocare’s webiste or by booking an online meeting or call with their VisioCare Business Development Manager: telephone 01403 800135 or email

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