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Best practice prescribing of antibiotics for UTIs enabled by rapid point of care test

In-house test identifies urinary tract infection and antibiotic susceptibility profile within a matter of minutes

U-Treat, developed by British company Test and Treat, is an in-house test which identifies urinary tract infection (UTI) and antibiotic susceptibility profile within a matter of minutes. Using the test, vets can dispense treatment in line with best practice, without having to wait several days for external laboratory culture and sensitivity. While minimising face-to-face contact is a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic, U-Treat provides a valuable tool for fast, reliable, remote patient assessment.

Launched last year, U-Treat is already used by vets across the US and UK. Using the principals of ATP bioluminescence, U-Treat can both detect the presence of bacteria within five minutes, and determine susceptibility to common antibiotics in just 30 minutes. Both tests are run independently of each other. Results give clinicians clear guidance about whether or not antibiotic treatment is appropriate, and – if it is – the best treatment to prescribe.

Ron Turner, CEO and Scientific Director of Test and Treat who developed the test says, “We know multi-drug resistance is increasing in UTIs in cats and dogs. We have developed the test to help vets make fast, accurate, effective and responsible decisions in antibiotic prescribing, and improve first contact resolution of cases.”

Following current government guidance regarding minimising face-to-face contact, the test also provides a valuable tool for remote triage. Ron comments, “First contact resolution is even more important for clients and clinicians while social distancing measures are in place. While the RCVS has temporarily relaxed guidance surrounding remote prescribing, we know clinicians want and need accurate clinical data to make the best treatment decisions. U-Treat can provide a reliable triage tool, with results in a matter of minutes guiding best practice dispensing of medications.”

U-Treat is optimised for detection of true-positive samples with sensitivity of (97.1 percent) and specificity (92 percent), compared to lab tests. The test gives the clinician confidence they are observing best practice to maximise treatment efficacy and case resolution, while observing responsible use of antibiotics. Owners can also be reassured treatment is specific and precise for their pet, rather than empirical. The test is currently validated for use in dogs and cats and is being investigated for application in mastitis in cows and sheep, bacterial infection in interstitial and pleural fluid, bacterial ear infections and in human healthcare.

Test and Treat is aiming to secure additional funding and partnerships within the animal health sector to further develop and market the test. For more information and to place an order contact Jo Nickerson, National Sales Manager on +447808647377, email
or visit the website.

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