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New study demonstrates the efficacy of Protexin Veterinary’s Pro-Kolin Advanced

Protexin Veterinary’s recent study has been published by a well-respected veterinary journal

Protexin Veterinary’s randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial provides novel evidence that their latest product, Pro-Kolin Advanced, can improve the clinical outcome of uncomplicated, acute diarrhoea in dogs.

“Dogs with acute diarrhoea are presented to veterinarians on a daily basis yet the evidence base on which to identify appropriate treatment for these cases has been lacking. This highlights the need for large-scale, well-controlled prospective clinical trials,” said Sophie Nixon, Veterinary Research Manager, Protexin Veterinary. “In our study of 148 dogs with acute diarrhoea presented to veterinary practices in the UK and Ireland, Pro-Kolin Advanced was associated with a reduction in the duration of diarrhoea and a reduction in the number of animals requiring additional medical treatment for diarrhoea, compared to placebo.”

Protexin Veterinary’s clinical study provides much-needed evidence to help clinicians determine the optimal treatment for dogs with acute diarrhoea.

“We are delighted to have published such a strong clinical study in one of the most well-respected veterinary journals, the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (JVIM),” said James Kyffin, Veterinary Director, Protexin Veterinary. “At ADM Protexin, we believe it is important to have products that are supported by published studies and the Pro-Kolin Advanced study represents one of the first of its kind looking at the benefit of a probiotic paste in dogs with acute diarrhoea. We hope this study will provide vets with the evidence they need to prescribe Pro-Kolin Advanced for their cases and give them the confidence not to dispense other medical management, like antibiotics, that may not be necessary.”

The study can be viewed here.

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