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Profession-wide project to assess potential impact of Brexit

The RCVS and BVA have joined forces with Defra on
a project to assess the challenges and opportunities
posed by EU exit, with the aim to develop a flexible and
skilled workforce that meets the UK’s needs for both the
immediate and longer-term future.

The Veterinary Capability and Capacity Project (VCCP)
is co-chaired by the UK’s chief veterinary officer, Nigel
Gibbens, RCVS senior vice-president Dr Chris Tufnell, and
BVA senior vice-president Gudrun Ravetz.

The project board also comprises the CVOs for Scotland,
Wales and Northern Ireland, Sheila Voas, Christianne
Glossop and Robert Huey, as well as the APHA.

The project’s objective is to work with the veterinary
sector to better understand the UK’s workforce needs
and ensure that both the Government and veterinary
businesses can continue to protect animal welfare,
safeguard the food chain and maintain levels of public
health and public services, and enable trade in animals
and animal products.

The project will include a joint BVA-RCVS submission to
the Migration Advisory Committee’s call for evidence on
workforce issues post-Brexit. Three working groups have been set up within the project to look
specifically at issues of veterinary
resources, recruitment and retention.

The BVA’s ‘Brexit and the
veterinary profession’ report can
be found here.

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